Margaery was only married to Joffrey for like an hour, and it was STILL way too long for her.

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The Fated Cycle

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Magic: the Gathering - Theros Landscape Art

Some truly impressive painting by the great Adam Paquette. Above - Akros concept art, below - Setessa concept art.  For more concept art and the MTG Planeswalker Guides to Theros from the Magic Creative Team, pop on over here -

Planeswalker’s Guide to Theros, Part 3, Sep 4, 2013
Planeswalker’s Guide to Theros, Part 2, Aug 28, 2013
Planeswalker’s Guide to Theros, Part 1, Aug 21, 2013

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The recent art of Noah Bradley

This weekend is Grand Prix Richmond, and Noah Bradley is among the artists who will be attending the event. So let’s take a look at what cards he did in Theros and Born of the Gods.

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