My son, the day you were born, the very forests of Lordaeron whispered the name Arthas.

My child, I watched with pride as you grew into a weapon of righteousness.

Remember, our line has always ruled with wisdom and strength. And I know you will show restraint when exercising your great power.

But the truest victory, my son, is stirring the hearts of your people. I tell you this, for when my days have come to an end, you shall be King.

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Chateau Haine - the Vimmark Mountains.

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I made myself a banner on the YouTube!

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Metal Slug

Steamy enough to be here because Metal Slug is fkn awesome k.

Metal Slug is fucking rad. I miss my Neo Geo :/

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loose paintings w/ google street view

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Margaery was only married to Joffrey for like an hour, and it was STILL way too long for her.

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